Golden Eagle Kit #2

Gracey 11 -12 & Gracey 13-14. The classic molar-mesial and molar-distal Graceys. XP means No Sharpening - these are the first Graceys that never change their shape. Slim design - ideal for heavy calculus and for tight interproximal areas of recall patients. Available in EagleLite resin or stainl..


Golden Eagle Kit #6

The Golden Eagle Kit #6 is only available in rein handles. It features the Blackjack™ and M23 scalers. The Blackjack is the ultimate anterior scaler and the M23 replaces sickles and mini-sickles for thee posterior areas. This kit is ideal for safe removal of deposits and features our SHARPEN-FR..


Golden Eagle Kit 1

Eagle Claw and Eagle Talon. The universal scaler combination of the Talon for anterior and the Claw for posterior. Talon is a combination of 2 already popular anterior tips, the Jacquette 3 and the Nebraska 128. Claw is the ideal universal posterior scaler, with classic design for tight, interproxim..


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